Orange Is The New Black: Season 2

Disclosure:  The following post is intended for adult readers and is not about a kids event or program.

Orange is the New Black was the very first show I watched once I set up my new account with Netflix this spring.  Based on the book Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, I heard about the hit show (which is a Netflix original) when it came out last year but hadn’t had a chance to watch it until now.  Within the first two episodes I was hooked like a fish on a line, next thing I knew as soon as the kids were in bed I would grab a snack and hit the couch to join Piper Chapman and the rest of inmates at the Litchfield, New York prison.

Orange Is The New Black Season 2 The show begins with Piper’s first day as an inmate sentenced to do 15 months for a crime she had committed earlier in life, a stark contrast to her current social status.  Now an engaged woman to Larry Bloom (Jason Biggs from American Pie) she had been living on the high side of life as an upper crust New York er she must switch gears quickly to learn the ins and outs of prison life.   Dealing with the authoritative figures as well as the cliques within the other female inmates and being reunited to her ex-girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) who was also jailed for their drug-smuggling crimes.

orangeisthenewblack2 The show flashes back to tell the history of Piper and some of the other key figures prior to their time being incarcerated, giving some insight into the personalities and nuances.  It also helps shedding light on the case that has put her in jail in the first place, which not only makes great TV but gives the show more layers to peel as you follow along with some surreal story lines.  Personally I am very interested in Red’s story, digging into her Russian roots, and cant wait to see how she handles her territory and kitchen come Season 2 when it premiers June 6th. If you are a OITNB fan like I have become you are still hanging on the chilling beat down that ended Season 1, here is a special sneak peek at Season 2.  Check out the official trailer and be sure to tune in on June 6th!

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    freakin love this show! It was a little rough at first and I’m worried my girls are going to turn it on by accident as they skim through netfilx when i’m not watching… but I love it!


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