8 Tips for a Stress Free Easter Egg Hunt

Every kid loves going to their local Easter Egg Hunt and scooping up a basket full of plastic eggs stuffed with sweets and treats.  I take my kids every year and to be very honest, we’ve had some easy ones and some that ended in tears.  Here are a few tips for taking your kids to your local Easter Egg Hunt and making the experience fun for everyone!

1.  Arrive early.  Parking is sure to be limited and most moms are anxious to get their kids there on time as well.  I always plan for a last minute delay so that I’m not that frenzied mom who ends up parking way in the back.  I also will admit that I was also that Mom who got there ten minutes late one time, and we arrived with most of the Easter eggs gone and my kids not too happy with their Mommy.

2.  Set expectations.  Make a point to tell your kids that this is an Easter tradition and something fun for them to do.  Not a race, not a competition.  If they don’t get the most candy, you and your dentist will be thankful later.  It also takes a lot of the pressure off of everyone.

3.  Have your kids wear comfortable shoes.  Even if your daughter wants to wear her Easter dress, shoes with straps or ones she can run in will work best, especially with all the mud and rain we have had this year.

4.  Wear comfortable shoes- yourself.  You need to be able to chase after your kids without doing a face plant.  Think what you would wear to your child’s T-ball game and go with footwear along those lines.  Chances are your Easter Egg Hunt may be on a baseball or soccer field.

5.  Bring some of your own candy.  No mom ever thinks one of their kids would end up with no candy in their Easter basket until it happens to you.  We were running late (totally my fault) and it was just me and the kids- who were in two different age categories for the first time.  By the time I got my daughter situated, they had already started and she is a very polite girl.  While she may be fast, she isn’t pushy and most of the other kids were.  She left tearful and disappointed and even though her little brother shared, I wish I had brought a back up stash of candy for moments like this one.

Below are my personal favorites for this Easter, the new collection by PEEPS Candy!  An all-time Easter staple and family favorite, we always love the original PEEPS but it was fun to try the new flavors!  The dark chocolate dipped PEEPS and new bite-sized Peepsters are my new favorite indulgence!

Easter candy Peeps candy Easter Peeps Easter candy

6.  Play nice.  Easter Egg Hunts are supposed to be fun for everyone.  It is not a race and there is no prize for shoving other kids out of the way or letting your kids run out early to grab a couple of eggs.  Use the experience as an example for your kids on how to play fair and nicely with others, and if you see a little girl crying because she didn’t get any Easter eggs in her basket- offer to share yours.

7.  Enjoy the moment!  While snapping a few pics is always nice, I often see too many parents spending their entire time focusing on getting that “perfect shot” that they forget to live in the moment and truly enjoy the experience with their kids.  It is sad to say, but you will only have so many years of Easter Egg Hunts with your kids before they grow out of them.  Enjoy it, savor it, and if you’re lucky- they might even share their candy with you.

Wishing you and your family a  blessed Easter holiday!


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    I love Peepsters too! All of your favorite candy is Peeps! : ) That is funny! We like Dove in our house and also Starburst and Jelly Belly. I have to go shopping for Kaishon’s Easter basket today. I will definitely be getting some Peeps!

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    Oh my goodness I NEVER, EVER thought to put my own candy in my pocket!!!!! My kids love egg hunts, but are always disappointed in ones we go to because they don’t get anything! Which isn’t what it is all about, but when you are 3 & 5, it is hard to tell them that!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea about bringing your own candy. I feel like I’m always taking things away from my younger son because of his peanut allergy. Having a little extra on hand to swap those peanut-candy items out with would make for a much happier little man! Thanks!

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    Peeps are so Easter! Great tips for Easter Egg Hunts-I like the idea to bring your own candy along, because that does happen that the kids don’t get any and some kids get too much! The peeps are really cute and I need to buy some today!

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    My poor kiddos have done so many of these where they just could NOT find the eggs! It’s a good idea to have a little cache hidden for the kids who are very little or have developmental delays. Those were always the best hunts that my girls enjoyed.

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