Free Activity Sheets and Video Clip from the New My Little Pony DVD!

Coming out TODAY is the latest release from My Little Pony!  My daughter and her friends all love watching the My Little Pony stories and playing with the toys.  This latest DVD from Shout! Factory Kids contains five wonderful episodes and is packed with awesomeness and girly fun!

Check out the synopsis here:

Join Rainbow Dash for five thrilling adventures alongside her very best friends in all of Equestria; the studious Twilight Sparkle, quiet animal lover Fluttershy, the party enthusiast Pinkie Pie, the always loyal apple farmer Applejack, and Ponyville’s very own fashionista Rarity!  That’s right!  Five episodes dedicated to everypony’s favorite highflying Pegasus, Rainbow Dash!  The episodes include “May the Best Pet Win!,” “The Mysterious Mare Do Well,” “Read It and Weep,” “Daring Don’t,” and “Rainbow Falls.”

My Little Pony

My daughter loves Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle and the last time we visited Build-A- Bear she made her own pony to take home.  Now they can snuggle together on the couch and enjoy one of her favorite shows at home!  As always, friendship is magic when you are with My Little Pony!  Enjoy this fun clip!


Here are some free Activity Sheets to do with your kids at home!  Enjoy!

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  1. Mary Ellen says

    I knjow some teens that will love this post too :) That said, it’s nice to see a younger generation is still enjoying new My LIttle Pony fun

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