Girls Fun with Barbie and Monster High Make-Up

One of my favorite songs is Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and whenever it comes on the radio at home or in the car, I’ll dance around and sing to either the delight or embarrassment of my kids.  Growing up I loved to play dress up and sneak into my moms bathroom to try on her make-up, and my daughter is just the same.

While I do not let my 7 year old daughter wear make-up to school or on a regular basis, I know she loves to play dress up and I like to indulge her imaginative play.  However, there have been a few occasions when she’s gotten into items I’d prefer stay just for Mommy, like my $14 Lancome Juicytubes for example!  This is why Markwin’s International girls play make-up sets have become such a hot item!

Barbie Fashion Wardrobe

Markwins International has created non-toxic glamour goodies in stylish make-up cases just for little girls.  Yay!  They offer two sets: Monster High Ghouls Rule! Locker Vanity and the Barbie Beauty Wardrobe, and both are stocked full of tons of make-up customized for the younger set.

MH-Ghoul's Rule Locker Vanity-Cs

We chose the Barbie Beauty Wardrobe and my first impression was how big it was!  I was impressed and my daughter of course was in heaven.  It is the perfect size for an elementary-aged girl and very easy to open and close and to carry.

One of our favorite pampering things to do is our nails and the set comes with tons of nail polish, nail files, and cute little toe separators that have the Barbie logo on them.  So cute!  One of our favorites are the nail stickers that you can peel off an apply after polishing on color.  It’s so fun to customize and make your daughters nails match her outfit or her mood!

Barbie Fashion Wardrobe-Ops

I was happy the kit did not include mascara or eye-liner, items I do not allow my daughter to use for play.  But there are tons of lip products, from shiny glosses to actual lipsticks (note: these go on with a lot of color so be warned to keep an eye on younger siblings or how much your child applies).

nail products

 What is great about the Beauty Wardrobe is it allows your daughter to have fun and enjoy being a girl and I even let her wear the lip glosses on “fancy days” or when she was an angel in our Church Christmas Pageant.  Part of being a girl is having fun and these new sets are a great way to let you daughter explore dressing up while keeping Mom’s makeup for mom!

Disclosure:  All opinions expressed in this post are, as always, my own.  A sample has been provided to facilitate this post.


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    One of the reasons I am so glad to be a boy mom is that I don’t have to go through the make-up stage with them…I can barely manage to put my own on! However, the toy does look fun…

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    My daughter is obsessed with having her toenails painted lately. I’ve even let her start having her fingernails painted as well. She’s 3 1/2 but this little thing brings her so much joy. I’m ok with letting her know it’s ok to like feeling beautiful with a bit of color!

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