Creating Christmas Traditions for Your Family #HealthyEssentials

German springerle cookies a Christmas tradition

I come from a small but tight-knit family that loves traditions and has an “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” motto when it comes to what is served for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, to our routines at the holidays and even sometimes what gifts are given and received.  Surprisingly, I’ve met a few moms […]

Mommy Entourage’s Holiday Gift Guide for Women

Make a customized Iris bracelet and choose your own beads and charms!

This Christmas and holiday season, treat Mom and the women in your life to something just for them.  Moms spend so much of their day giving and doing for others, we wanted this Gift Guide to be all about them.  Happy shopping! The perfect pair of jeans.  Let’s admit it, although we’d love to lounge […]

Philadelphia’s Design Home 2014 #XfinityMoms

Philadelphia Magazine's Design Home 2014 Wyndmoor PA

Everyone loves a little escape from reality.  A break from routine, from the normal day to day and a chance to escape into a posh, luxurious escape that just happens to be located just outside Philly.  I was able to experience an afternoon escape with a bunch of my social media friends at the Real […]

Kids Shows That Focus On Friendship

Kids Shows Focusing On Friendship- Veggie Tales

With Thanksgiving just behind us, too often I see the thankful and appreciative spirit of Thanksgiving fade away as Black Friday shopping and a case of the “gimmes” takes over.  Priorities shift from being happy with what you are blessed with, to creating wish lists of things you want, “need” and have to buy. It […]