Summer Bag Essentials Giveaway!


With summer vacations still ahead and plenty of time to splash, swim and relax at the pool, Mommy Entourage is thrilled to be a part of this fun summer giveaway!  Details below on what you can win!  Good luck and enjoy your summer, make memories that will last a lifetime and stay tuned for more [...]

Playdate Fun Ideas with Claritin Mom Crew


I’ve had allergies since I was a child and both of my children both suffer from seasonal allergies.  Recently, I was sent a kit of fun bags and goodies from Children’s Claritin to share and pass out to friends with kids who have allergies as well.  Having a child with environmental allergies often means that [...]

My First Juice Cleanse with Garden of Flavor


Eating healthy has always been something that is important to me.  That being said, eating things I enjoy is also up there as well, so for me it has always been about finding a good balance in between what is the healthiest and what I tend to crave.  A happy medium, you might say is [...]

Healthy Essentials For Summer Play {Plus Special Savings!}


Summer is here and I sincerely hope you are enjoying it as much as we have been!  With the cold winter months behind us and the warm summer days upon us, our family has been expanding our horizons by trying and participating in new activities and lots of play! Recently my son signed up for [...]

Summer Shows with Brain-Power Boost

Walking with Dinosaurs

Summer is here and in full swing!  Between summer camp, trips to the pool and hitting up the Jersey shore for some sand and sun, there is so much to do!  After a busy day at camp, my kids need a little down time so they don’t get frazzled.  They love relaxing on the couch [...]