7 Reasons To Get Excited About Fall!

fall 4

Lately I’ve seen so much disappointment surrounding the changing of the seasons and summertime ending.  No more pool days, water ice in the sun and drinking ice cold lemonade with the kids while hearing stories about camp.  It also means the end to sweltering hot days, endless pool towel and camp laundry and those annoying [...]

HSN Today’s Special: The Dyson Digital Slim


Cleaning your home with a Dyson is akin to driving in a Mercedes-Benz.  I kid you not on this one, your home will be forever changed and you will never look at housework the same again.  As a mom who works and takes care of two very active (and often messy) kids, I know vacuuming [...]

8 Tips For Staying Recharged During Back To School Season

fall recharge 1

This week marked the first school day for my two children, with my son starting kindergarten and elementary school for the very first time.  With so many friends and readers starting school recently (or about to!), it is all too easy to forget to stay recharged with the changing of schedules and adding of responsibilities. [...]

Family Fun at Fairmount Water Works

Water Works 4

Last week the kids and I visited a Philadelphia family attraction for the very first time, the Fairmount Water Works!  Nestled between Boathouse Row and the Art Museum off of Kelly Drive, the Fairmount Water Works is a great place to take the kids and is open to the public.  My kids had a blast [...]

Getting Ready for Fall Ball with Jump Start Sports

Jump Start Sports 1

With the school year starting soon, it means so many different things.  Saying good-bye to splashing in the pool and hot summer days and getting ready for back-to-school and reuniting with classmates and friends.  One of our absolute favorite things about Fall is bringing back organized sports for the kids!  My son loves to pal [...]