New McDonald’s Sirloin Third Pound Burgers {Giveaway}

McDonald's New Third Pound Sirloin Burgers - Giveaway!

We all know McD’s has Happy Meals that your kids crave and McCafe coffee and smoothie selections that make all the moms want to hit up the drive thru.  What’s new on the menu at McDonalds’s now is tasty, satisfying option that will delight your taste buds, offered in three delicious varieties to meet your […]

Shows Embracing the Diverse Modern Family

Grace and Frankie - New Netflix Series

Today’s modern day family is a far cry from The Cleavers from days before.  With a myriad of different family structures and family types, it is not uncommon to have multi-generational families sharing a home, blended families, single parent households or a family structure with two moms or two dads.  Kids today are more likely […]

Summer Grilling Recipes Featuring Finlandia Butter

Summer Grilling Recipes Featuring Butter

Get your summer menus ready this summer with these two delicious “on the grill” recipes featuring Finlandia butter!  Yes, we are talking the real deal here!  I was raised on delicious home cooked meals using real, creamy butter and can attest that there is a difference between real butter and its imitation counterparts. Now from […]

Totally Taking Care Of Your Family This Summer with LISTERINE

LISTERINE Total Care - How to Totally Take Care of Your Family This Summer

This week I turned on my air conditioning for the first time in months, an official sign in our household that summer is approaching.  We don’t get too many breezy, medium temperature days here in Pennsylvania!  With the seasons changing, I’m gearing up for schedule changes to and to the start of camp and hours […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Mother's Day Gift Idea Made in Heaven Cakes as seen on Oprah

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s safe to say that most husbands still need to shop for your wives (it’s okay- this is a safe space here!) and with everyone’s busy schedules, there are so many of us Moms who need to shop for our own mothers for this special occasion.  Taking a break from the […]